Water Play on a dreary day…

When we were recently facing yet one more day in the house with dreary weather outside, we decided to get creative and find a way to
bring water play indoors. We set up our own little mini water table using a disposable aluminum roasting pan, and inside we placed a variety
of clear plastic cups and bowls, a funnel, and some plastic pipette eyedroppers (you can buy 100 on Amazon for about $4!). The vessels were different sizes and shapes, which allowed us to learn about volume and how much water it takes to fill various cups. Pouring was so much fun, and any overflow/mess was contained in the roasting
pan (getting one with high edges is key!). We even got out our turkey baster to suck up the overflow “spilled” water and put it back into the cups. We used a plastic squeeze bottle that we found at the grocery store to as another way to fill the cups, and one of our favorite pouring implements was one of the tall narrow containers leftover from mom’s
pumping days. Mom squeezed drops of food coloring into a few of the cups of water and we used the eyedroppers to mix colors. Since the cups were clear, it was
very cool to watch the colors swirl together. We are thinking that liquid watercolors might be even better than food coloring for next time, but we didn’t have any on hand, so
mom controlled the drops of food coloring. This activity kept us busy for about 2 hours!