We offer customized Teacher Collaborations and Workshops.

Educators get to explore the different components of our innovative PGiP experience and bring what inspires them to their own classrooms.

Each workshop includes collaboration and hands on experiences that can be immediately implemented into your classroom.

We have over 10 years of experience through trial and error. We know what works, what doesn’t and why.
Some of our most popular topics:

The beginnning and ending: Breakdown of a successful Welcome Meeting and Stories and Songs (circle time) Explore how PGiP weaves in components of Mindfulness, Occupational Therapy, Music, Early Literacy, Speech, Making a plan and more for a mixed age classroom.  (This includes rehearsal time, you will leave with a flow of how you want to weave these components into your day and resources to give parents)

Translating the techniques of Eric Carl, Jackson Pollock, and Alexander Calder for artists under 5. Experience how PGiP takes an idea and develops it.  (Includes an outing to the National Gallary of Art)

Painting with Cars, Pipettes, spray bottles and more. Discovering the detailed process of painting with cars, spray painting, squeeze and shake, and pipettes!  Get the breakdown of what makes these explorations successful. Expereince how we introduce math and art, shapes, gravity and more.  (Includes hands on experience, you will create your own canvases)

Transform your classroom envionrment:  Let your classroom be the third teacher!  Learn the techniques of an unstructured structure, how the classroom grows with the children, the details of why and how the PGiP classroom is set up the way it is. (Includes a consultation in your own classroom)

Developing a story: Experience the innovative process PGiP uses to develop a story for stories and songs.  (Leave with two playgroup stories to immediately use in your circle time and start developing one of your own)

Creating collaborative communities: Get the behind the scenes step we take to build collaborative communities.  Learn what we do in first six weeks of the year. (Leave with an implementation plan of your own)

We have lots more to share, let us know what you are interested in or some challenges you face!

Email [email protected] for more information and to schedule your customized workshop!