Stories Collaboration

“Stories and songs are one of our favorite moments at Playgroup.  It fosters a real connection between my children, the other families, and me.  My children are in a rapt attention from the first moment that Ms. Laura calls the group to the circle with her flute.

One of my favorite moments of Playgroup was during Stories and Songs. While reading “Dear Zoo” to the group, Miss Laura took a stuffed animal out of one box and “sent him back” by tossing the animal — rather fervently — into the other box labelled Zoo. It was beautifully simple and immediate.

Many parents bring material to story time.  I had the opportunity to bring a song from my family to the group.  We made a simple plan of how to present it.  Another parent and his daughter even stepped in to help me play it.  The children loved it and my children felt very special that our family contributed.

The difference between “circle time” and this program is that both the adults and the children allow themselves to enter the magic of the moment.  The facilitators know how to engage the group without perfunctorily following a script.  They are attuned to the children and follow their queues.  So, of course it has structure, but within that structure, It is an adaptive model in a constant state of evolution.”

— A Playgroup Parent