New to Washington

Playgroup in the Park saved me and my family! We were newcomers to the Washington DC area, hailing from NYC. My husband had taken a job that required a lot of travel and a lot of hours away from our young family. Navigating a new city, a new home, two kids and no friends or family close by was overwhelming for me. By luck, a mom I met at a gym class for my 1 year old told me about Playgroup in the Park. As she described it, it felt like an anchor being thrown my way. Registration was approaching soon and I made sure to sign up for a classroom visit and a Meet and Greet with Ms. Laura. Walking into the classroom was the closest feeling to “coming home” I had since moving 2 months earlier. I didn’t stay long that day as I raced downstairs to the office to submit an application and deposit to secure my son’s spot. When class started in the Fall, my son and I eagerly entered the classroom each Monday and Wednesday and attended every Friday outing. The year went by quickly as we made friends, acclimated my son to a new environment, and explored Washington DC area museums and playgrounds. I cherish the hours I spent with my son at Playgroup in the Park. We froze time each week as I made sure to keep our classroom hours sacred for playing and doing as he directed. I feel strongly that part of my close bond to my son is due to Playgroup in the Park and the intimacy we shared as I followed his lead as he explored his classroom and expanding world.”

– A Playgroup alumni