Early Enrichment Program

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Art Explorers (Little Echoes class) Early Enrichment Drop off Program

We are a reggio inspired  program with a preschool approach in a beautiful national park setting for children 3-5 years old.  Our amazing faculty collaborates with the children, faculty, expert advisors and parents to create individualized learning plans that take each child from where they are, at their own pace.  Our program weaves, art, music, socialization, early literacy, math and more to support each childs cognitive, social, emotional and motor development while forming a community of learners and close friends. Designed specifically for children as they begin to prepare for big school!

Two and Four half day options, plus Friday Outings!

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A Teachers Perspective

Art Explorers, Little Echoes class, Early Enrichment is a drop-off program for children 3-5 years old. I have had the privilege to teach the drop-off program in it’s first year, and what a success it has been!

The Early Enrichment class is a continuation of what Laura has created over the past 5 years with Playgroup in the Park.

Our pedagogical focus this year is documentation. Documentation is a fundamental part of the Reggio Emilia model and serves many functions. Documentation assists teachers with their reflection on how the children are learning and what the children are interested in to create guiding questions to further the children’s exploration.

Art Explorers is currently documenting a wonderful progettazione, or project, on Birds. At Art Explorers, we have an emergent curriculum that builds upon the interests of the children.

Our longterm project was inspired by a favorite game that one of our students like to play. He likes to pretend that he is a “baby bird” and will even introduce himself as “baby bird” at welcome.


The other children found this game to be great fun and would also play along.

The first part of our project was inspired by our Friday outing to the botanical gardens. The botanical gardens at Christmastime does a beautiful all natural train exhibit that travels through trees and by fairy houses. Also, my mother loves birds and suggested that we make a bird feeder out of pinecones.

Next, we built their bird house models with blocks. The children referenced their pictures to make sure they had all the details, including windows, trees, fences and special doors.

The next step is to build our actual bird houses! I cannot wait to see what the children will choose to make their bird houses.


The teachers also ask purposeful questions to help children continue their investigation and explorations.

After discussion, the children drew on paper what their bird house would look like. Some of the children wanted to glue sticks, bark, and leaves that we collected outside to their pictures.

At Art Explorers Early Enrichment, the children have a plethora of art materials available to them. We continually encourage the children to use the materials and tools that we have introduced to them to continue their explorations. It is important to us as teachers that we assist children in developing all of their languages: expressive, communicative, symbolic, cognitive, ethical, metaphorical, logical, imaginative andrelational. (Malaguzzi)